Scarlet by Marissa Meyer

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I did not enjoy this book nearly as much as Cinder. I was happy that Cinder was still in this book otherwise I would have never finished it. I just didn’t find Scarlet’s story nearly as interesting as Cinder’s. Cinder’s problems are so much more complicated and compelling, not only must she deal with the knowledge that she’s not only cyborg but that she’s Lunar and the missing Princess who is true heir to the Lunar throne. That’s a lot of emotional baggage to have to deal with. But then to pair that with the story of some girl who is looking for her missing grandmother is quite anticlimactic in comparison.

First off, it was easier to contribute Scarlet’s fiery attitude to her red hair over the fact that she’s supposed to be French. In my opinion there was nothing French about her. As I was reading (for I actually read this book) I kept picturing a Midwestern town instead of a quaint village in Provance. Everyone sounded distinctly American and it didn’t help that Scarlet was also allowed to carry a firearm, which is illegal in most European countries and again screamed America. I understood the need for more interesting conflict for Scarlet so when the brooding Wolf comes into the picture it was fairly obvious where that tension was going.

Wolf is an interesting character because of his own mysterious conflicts which you know have to do with Luna, but want to know the exact nature of it. But everything about this second half of the book just fell flat to me.

To be honest, what motivates me to pick up the next book is Cinder’s story. I want to know what happens to her and what happens to Prince Kai, who doesn’t make much of an appearance in this book.

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