Cress by Marissa Meyer

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I’m so glad that I continued with the Lunar Chronicles. Unlike Scarlet, this book reminded me of how much I loved the first book. The struggles that the various characters go through were so much more tangible. The story moved quickly from scene to scene and I was trembling for more and more. There were certain twists that I hoped the story would take and I was so satisfied when they did. Each character had their own unique personality, though the differences between Queen Levana and her subordinate Sybil kind of blend together in the way they act and speak.

I kind of felt bad for Scarlet because I still feel like Cinder and now Cress’s stories dramatically overshadowed her’s. There needed to be a character kidnapped by the enemy and to make her story a little more interesting it had to be Scarlet. Poor thing.

Cress was a very naive character, and I was ok with that because it was set up well. You’d be naive too if you had grown up by yourself for seven years. The only part of Cress’s story that I found unbelievable was Thorn going blind. I’m not a proponent of criticizing the blind, they can be extremely capable people, but Thorn going from a seeing person to a blind person wasn’t the problem, it was his ability to get around so well for someone who was just blinded. He was great comic relief, but I kept waiting for him to say “well instead of seeing a big dark blur I see a big light blur” [Han Solo, Return of the Jedi] or have him announce that he could see all of a sudden. I mean come on how did he manage to get places without help? I realize that Rapunzel’s prince is supposed to be blinded by the witch and that’s the only reason that I allowed my reason to be suspended regarding Thorn and his antics.

I’m glad that we got to glimpse Winter before the story ended, I am interested in finding out more about her. The fact that she may be going crazy from not using her lunar gift is intriguing.

While reading this novel, I recognized the face that Ms Meyer wrote Sailormoon fan fiction. The way the characters have been set up and slowly introduced reminds me of watching the anime. Episode one, meet main character. Episode two, meet next character, have adventure, etc.

If you want a fun read, I recommend Cress book three of the lunar chronicles, it’s a much more pleasurable read than Scarlet (book 2) and excited me for Winter (book 4).

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