Happy 2015 everyone!


I know it’s a few days early, but I wanted to get this out there. I’ve always laid out personal resolutions each year, some I achieve and some not, most are a yes. Unfortunately, my writing always seems to take a backseat to the rest of my life but this year, that attitude is changing and I’m starting out by creating a Writing Plan for 2015. I’m sure this will help me convince the people in my life that my writing is important to me.

Here are my Writing Goals for 2015

  • WRITE EVERY DAY! Even if it’s only for 15 minutes and it’s only to journal. I must write every day. Each time I sit down to write will create more momentum, allowing me to complete my manuscript.
  • Complete the “how to build great sentences” lecture series
  • Complete the full first draft of “Identity”
  • Edit and Revise “Identity” into a soliciting state
  • Outline and plot Identity’s follow-up stories and plot sketch Jention Chronicles: What happens to Xanthe and Julian after Identity? What are Yuman, Raine, and Jade’s stories? What brings the four of them together in The Bryga Project? Why should they be brought together? How does The Bryga Project effect the overall scheme of Jention Chronicles?
  • Perhaps I could work on some short stories that create/promote the  Jention Chronicle universe and give insight into its various characters.
  • Reconnect with critique partners or find new critique partners
  • Become more involved in the online version of Writer of the Weird

Here are my Promotion Goals for 2015

  • Finish setting up writeralina.com
  • Maintain the writeralina blog better. Post at least once a week.
  • These are my ideas for maintaining the blog
  • First week: book review
  • Second week: movie review
  • Third week: writing, story, & publishing post
  • Fourth week: Jention Chronicles world building post (optional)
  • Fifth week: technology post (optional)
  • Blog posts will be written on Mondays to be posted either on Mondays or Tuesdays
  • Do better maintenance of WriterAlina on Facebook and Twitter

Words - IdeasHere are my Publishing Goals for 2015

  • Research options for self-publishing versus traditional publishing, which is the best way to go for my stories?
  • Research potentially compatible agents (preferably ones like Kristen Nelson who will support self and traditional publishing)
  • Be ready to submit a finished product by the end of the year

I hope these are reasonable goals, I’ll keep you posted on what actually gets accomplished over the coming months. Wish me luck 😉

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