Wow! What a great movie. 🙂 I loved it!

For me, this movie was up there with movies like Inception and 2001 Space Odyssey. This is definitely one of those thinking movies about the ingenuity of humans and what we could be truly capable of. The visuals are amazing, especially the alien planets and space visuals and there is once scene with the best visual representation of time that I’ve seen in movie in a long while. The movie was well acted and well filmed, not too showy. The movie’s only downfall is that if you are looking for a quick paced action movie, you will be sorely disappointed.

The story takes a while to get going even though you are placed into Earth’s and the main characters’ conflicts very fast. It’s a drama and it feels like an artistic drama. There are long posses where the audience is left to absorb the dialogue that was just witnessed, to simply take in the beauty of a corn field, or hear the quiet loneliness of space. As the hardships that humans on Earth suffer become more and more dire, the audience becomes increasingly sympathetic to the conflict that the explorers are faced with, which is the most compelling of the conflicts and not introduced to until half way through the movie, “do we sacrifice those on Earth to save humanity or can we somehow save those on Earth as well?” With limited time, resources, and technology this becomes quite the quandary, especially when the people of Earth begin to realize their doom is near. Interstellar_film_poster

The science in the movie is totally believable, most of it being up to date as to how we understand the universe functions today, including black hole theory, more accurate depictions of the theory of relativity. I’m not so familiar with our technological grasp of human cryogenics, but this story is supposed to be happening in the future, so I’m willing to think that we have some grasp of that then.

Human nature is also demonstrated in its full range between love and rage as well. You feel for a father who must leave the children he loves and who loves him. You recognize the various forms of resentment of abandonment. We are shown the lengths some people will go to be with others of their own kind.

The robots in the movie are the most different than any other robots created for movies, my initial reaction was one of surprise and curiosity, how is a funny looking pillar supposed to make a useful, moving robot? Weird. Though as the movie progressed its form becomes more and more practical as it moves around alien terrain, as a stand alone machine and as a vehicle. Though my engineering mind rounded the edges of its “feet” (for with all the waking it did, the edges would wear down) and moved its “arms” up and down (to improve its more realistic walk because I knew that the way it moved was easier for a computer programmer), but all in all my imagination accepted this new model of robot.

As I said, the movie is high drama and doesn’t really become “actiony” until towards the climax, which may not be for the action goer, but certainly for those who enjoy thinking, existential, philosophical movies.

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