It only took me a little under a year to finally sit down and watch this movie. I had mixed feelings about watching it because I had heard so many terrible reviews for it. I got about twenty seconds into the opening scene and understood why so many people didn’t like this movie. It was advertised as a biblical movie and if you walk into it thinking that’s what you’re going to see, like the 10 Commandments or something, you’ll be sorely disappointed. But! If you think of the movie as a fantasy, it’s actually a pretty good movie. It’s entertaining, the characters are deep, the story is filed with magic and intrigue, and much of it is about faith and judgement. Sure it has all of the biblical references in it, but the writers obviously took creative license with this story.

As I said, you really know within the first 30 seconds of the movie that it’s fantasy, not historical fiction. I don’t know anywhere in the bible that talks about beings made from rock or huge armadillo-dogs — though this is the story of Noah, so they must die in the flood and that’s why they no longer walk the earth. 😉 Of course the main elements of the biblical Noah story are in the movie, but there’s a lot added conflict and darkness for dramatic effect.  Miracles happen, people are killed, and Noah is tormented by the task God has set before him (the last is the best drama of the film).

I also liked the fact that we never actually see God in this movie. It was nice to not get jarred by some strange artist’s idea of God. It’s all right in a movie like Dogma (where the depictions aren’t meant to be taken seriously), but in serious dramas it usually detracts instead of enhancing a film when you see God.

So, if you are alright with a fantastic version of Noah’s story, you might actually be surprised and enjoy this movie. It’s not spectacular, but it’s a decent movie that will take you to another world.

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