Ruben Drakkar

The planet Kinarra is the backdrop of most of my stories within the Jention Chronicles universe that I’ve created. IDENTITY is the first of many stories that are part of this universe. Kinarra is a Mars like planet, it’s surface is a rustic red wasteland of dunes and rocks. The surface cannot sustain human life: the planet’s atmosphere is very thin, the surface temperature is very cold, there is little breathable air, and the pressure is too remote to be on the surface without a spacesuit. The gravity is much like Earth’s gravity since its size is very similar.

Unlike Mars, Kinarra doesn’t have ice-capped polar regions anymore. When Kinarra was first colonized the icecaps were mined for their water resources and over the years became developed and depleted. Meteorites and other space debris often hit Kinarra’s surface, and as a result the original colonists were forced to build most of their dwellings in caves and eventually underground. Though plaststeel has been invented, and is used widely in spaceships and space stations, this material was of limited supply since the colonists only had what they brought with them. Instead a plaststeel like coating was developed to seal cave walls and underground caverns to create a barrier between the human habitat and the planet’s natural habitat.

Most of the people who have colonized Kinarra live underground, since in the early days of colonization surface structures were often destroyed on a regular basis. There are a few scattered surface cities near caves that serve as space ports, this is where most of the transportation between colonized prefectures takes place. Once the warp gate (to be discussed in Kinarra Part 2) was constructed, Kinarra became reconnected to the Confederacy, at which point these scattered space ports expanded to launching spacecraft to Kinarra’s orbiting space stations.

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