Can These 10 Technologies Change the

So sometimes I like to check out youtube for interesting incites on today’s technology. Here is an interesting video I found and thought I’d share my 2 cents on the subjects covered.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

10 Futue Technologies That Will Change The World by Top10Media (10:41 mins)

There are some interesting points here that I also have comments on:

10: Screenless Displays
So what’s the difference between screenless displays and holograms? I guess I think too much like a Trekkie and really don’t find these two concepts mutually exclusive.

There are companies out there that are making our tech thinner and thinner, in fact there are companies like LG and Samsung who are developing flexible, paper-thin screens. And in Japan they’ve already developed functional keyboards made from light projection; this technology has been around since at least 2003/2004.

I’m sure that we’ll see more tech like this before screenless displays, but I agree we’re certainly heading in that direction. The more portable our tech is the more people will want to carry it around with them.

9: Virtual Reality
Virtual Reality is really still in it’s infancy stage. It’s a novelty. Sometimes you can experience a taste of this at places like Dave & Buster, but I still haven’t heard of many people actually buying a system and having it at home. I see the appeal of course. Can you imagine being able to transport yourself into a historical event or learn martial arts in a virtual environment before taking on a real life opponent? Now that would be a world chancing use of virtual reality for sure. Of course all the gear we have today would make that a little difficult.

In my stories, this goes along with cyber brains, a much more efficient form of virtual reality, but as excited as I can get about tech like that, I would probably still be a naturalist and keep myself as non-tech as possible. lol.

8: Holographic Television
I don’t know where the content will come from, but some convincing 3D projectors already exist. Check out the BLEEN Projection System. Again, holograms are a novelty right now, but if we were able to create a holodeck as in Star Trek then we could have our more extended virtual reality experiences. Now that would be world changing.

7: Wireless Electricity
If you know any history, Nikola Tesla had already developed the technology (or at least the theory behind it) of harnessing “free” energy through electromagnetics in order to power objects such as lightbulbs. Supposedly he actually had a few working models that were either destroyed or confiscated by the government, depending on which conspiracy theory you believe. But it’s nice to know that the government is allowing universities to research this topic.

But if we will be able to charge items “wirelessly” how will that power be regulated? Who will pay? Now those are questions the people who care about making money are not going to enjoy answering. But hey, if we lived in a utopian society it wouldn’t matter right? Besides, there will surely be extended health effects as a result of continual exposure to such technology. Hm…

6: Hypersonic Trains
Maglev train – already invented just not widely used yet, they’re very expensive to produce and convince society to pay for. I’m totally for mass transit and if more of these could be built around the world, I’d be happy. It would certainly help limit our carbon footprint. I’m all for alternate forms of transportation that will get you places faster and potentially healthier on the environment.

5: Nerohacking
Ok. For one thing, he mentions ghost hacking in this segment, which it totally geeky! 🙂 Secondly, because of my cyberpunk interests I think the term “nerohacking” has a tremendously negative connotation to it, but anyway… In my opinion the moral dilemmas that come with tech that can either read your mind or be controlled by your mind are quite extensive, some ethics are more benign than others. I’ve always wished for a machine that could hear my thoughts and write down my stories, but then when I actually think of the consequences of such a tech I tend to change my mind about that.

There is quite an extensive amount of research going into this field though. There have been tests were rats’ brains are being linked. In 2013 one of the first human direct brain-to-brain contact was made. We are certainly headed in this direction, if anything to be able to control prosthetic limbs, but you never know. We could move toward cyberizing our brains.

4: Invisibility
Funny that he mentions this, I just saw an article the other day about a group of German scientists from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology has developed a portable invisibility cloaking box that can hold small objects like coins and keys. So maybe we’ll be able to create full-body or vehicle cloaking devices soon. Invisibility technology would certainly change the spy industry if anything else.

3: Flying Cars
No need to say more than Top10Media has already said… It’s a cool idea and all, but not very practical. Sure it might change the world, but I’m not sure it would catch on beyond the novelty of being “futuristic.”

2: 3D Printing
3D printing is quite amazing. It’s already changing our world as we know it. I really don’t know much about it other than the fact that a single machine will create the object of your desire as long as you put in the right ingredients. We can make all kinds of stuff using 3D printing from artificial limbs, human organs, skin, cars, houses. Are the replicators we see in Star Trek now in their infancy stage? Hm… interesting question to ponder.

1: Autonomous Robots
This is a very controversial subject amongst many. Come on who wouldn’t want to have Data, C3-PO, or R2-D2 around? But then no one wants the robopocalypse either, anyone seen Transcendence, Ex Machina, or The Matrix?

Personally, I think we’ll be keeping robots pretty simple in order to avoid the robopocalypse, at least at first, but we are certainly moving closer and closer to more sophisticated robots. We already have drones, developing self-driving cars, and humanoid robots. In Japan scientists are developing humanoid robots to work in retirement homes and hospices in order to give residents the illusion of human contact. It’s kind of creepy in my opinion, but I think it’s better than feeling alone.

Is More Tech Better?

Some of our technologies are interesting, but in the end we always have to ask ourselves whether or not it’s worth it. We already have a hard time getting some children to play outside and adults too have to scrounge up time for exercise, even with all of our technological conveniences. Will all these things make our future better? I don’t know.

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