“There are two wolves who are always fighting. One is darkness and despair. The other is light and hope. The question is: which wolf wins?” Casey asks. This is probably the most profound piece of information that tells the audience what Tomorrowland is about, but unfortunately you get it so late in the movie that it could be overlooked.

In my opinion, the world needs more feel good movies like Tomorrowland; movies that are fun, inspiring, and not super corny. This children’s adventure movie will hopefully remind you that holding fast to your dreams is important and that you too can make a difference in the world, even if you can’t take a portal into another dimension. Ok. Tomorrowland isn’t all that philosophical or anything, but it is a kid’s movie and meant to be fun.

My husband and I don’t get out to see movies in the theater very often now that we no longer live in the United States. He works most evenings and the theaters here are only open in the evenings. *sigh* So most of the movies we do see we watch at home.

Why am I telling you this, you ask? Well, Friday nights are the only nights of the week when we can have a date night or go out with friends. This last Friday we finally decided that we would go to the movie theater and we were both pumped up to go see Mad Max: Fury Road. I’ve heard some great things floating around the internet about it and this was our chance to see it on the big screen before we had to reserve ourselves to seeing it at home.

I’m sure you can see where this is going…

Well, Jurassic World just opened on Friday and regardless the theater’s website said Mad Max was still playing at 19:45. We made special plans to see Mad Max and when we got to the theater… we were thwarted. The website lied! Mad Max wasn’t playing until 22:30. Ugh. Now what?

I have’t read vary many encouraging comments about Jurassic World and really didn’t want to waste time on it unless we could see it for less than $6. Ok. What else? Avengers? That was pushed off until 22:30 too. And who wants to see a movie about an earthquake in CA — again? Seriously? How many times can that disaster movie be repackaged? Was it going to be a wasted night?

It took a while to figure out that the theater was actually playing Tomorrowland because the advertisement was not in English, but we quickly asked if the movie was actually in English (many of Disney’s movies are dubbed for the younger audience). So when the woman said “in English,” we decided to go for it.

Well suffice it to say Disney did not disappoint.

As far as beginnings go I can’t comment too much, mostly due to our little premovie drama we walked in a little late, missing maybe the first 2-5 minute. I was surprised to see that the movie was basically starting with flashback scenes. It left me wondering what was really supposed to be happening. The trailer wasn’t very informative so I was going in blind. Maybe the first thing they said was that the world was ending and they only had 50 some odd days to do something about it, but I don’t know, we missed it if it did. We thankfully walked in at the beginning of a flashback so we weren’t completely lost. As far as I’m concerned as long as the flashbacks tells the audience what we need to know and it’s interesting, who cares that it’s at the beginning.

We were cleverly introduced to all the main characters in a fun and exciting way and we already begin to understand that there is a place where you can really make your dreams come true. Hey can’t complain about that. We also learn all the character’s motivations and desires. The only problem about this method is that it takes a long time to understand what the point of the movie is supposed to be, but I’m willing to overlook that because I did mention we walked in late right and the movie is still interesting.

One of the things I enjoyed most about the movie is that the two main characters are scientists and inventors at heart, it’s what they were born to do. Yay for having a science geek girl as a role model for other girls to study science. 😀 The main characters felt like real people and their own special talents got them through the climax of the movie. Bonus.

I think there were many opportunities for the movie to be funnier than it was, but I’m happy that they kept the cheesy jokes to a minimum. The only part of the movie I was surprised at was the villain’s monologue toward the end. It was like having the moral of the story flashing before your eyes in big neon lights. “Be responsible for your own thoughts and actions. Everything you do has consequences. Don’t be apathetic!” I give Disney credit for trying to find a creative way of motivating the next generation of activists, but I’m not sure how I feel about the obviousness of the message, even though it’s a very good one. I remind myself that this is supposed to be a children’s movie and sometimes these things have to be spelled out. I guess they are catering to the lowest common denominator in this case. Hmm… Did They need to be so obvious when they are reminding the audience that “you can be like Casey too?”

The questions I walked out of the movie asking were, “Will I follow the bad wolf or the good wolf?” “What kind of positive difference can I make on the world?” So that’s a good thing.

The movie was brainy, fun, and the visuals were awe inspiring. If you like jet packs, rockets, portals, robots, and dreamy settings then you’ll have fun in this movie.

Enjoy the movies!

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