WA_logo_Full_118x450_1Part 1: WriterAlina is Back

Hello everyone, I’m sorry I’ve been MIA for the last few of weeks on my blog and almost non existent on Facebook for the last two months. August and September have been super busy for me and I am sad to report that my goal of writing every day totally crashed and burned into smithereens.  *sigh* I wrote like a mad person in July in anticipation of not being able to write so much in August and September but I miss calculated and turned out low on posts. I’ve actually started a couple writing posts, but they are totally not publish worthy, which meant that I also broke my weekly blog posts for the last three weeks. Another disappointment.

Unfortunately one of the things that has held me back from posting is the fact that I’m a very private person, I don’t like talking about myself and don’t exactly believe in broadcasting my life to the world. That in combination with the anal retentive part of my personality that kept insisting that “I said I’d write on specific subjects on my blog and I should stick to that.” In hind sight this is a pretty stupid way of thinking. Wouldn’t it have been better to post about my experiences at the 10 day “Celebrate Life Festival” in Oldenburg, Germany I attended (which was amazing) or to share some Greek mythology insights that I had while traveling through Greece for two weeks? These are just a couple things that I’ve been occupied with over the last two months. And while I haven’t been traveling abroad, I’ve been hosting various visitors at home and traveling locally with them.

The last two months have been great for enriching my life experiences and personal growth, but kind of sucky on the writing front. The interesting thing to report about my writing in the last two months is that I haven’t even journal all that much and in the past I usually made time for that as a way to decompress. I don’t really have a good reason for why I haven’t written anything, but at least I’m becoming aware of just how poorly I treat myself when visitors come or when I’m traveling with someone that isn’t my husband or sister. This is one of my personal growth insights that I need to work on. Another lesson is learning to manage energy vampires; it’s rather flustering to wake up one day and realize just how many energy vampires there are in the world. They come in all types and not all bad, some come in some very nice packaging.

On to the more logistic aspect of the blog post…

WriterAlina Writing Plan 3rdQ2015

Part 2: 3rd Quarter Review

Here is a summary of my basic goals for the months of July, August, and September:

July 2015

August 2015

September 2015

Writing Goals

Write Every Day

Write Every Day

Write Every Day

Website Goals

Publish 1 Blog Post per week Publish 1 Blog Post per week
Publish 1 Blog Post per week

Story Goals

Camp NaNoWriMo

Write Jention Chronicles Short Stories

ID what needs to be rewritten, deleted, & added to story

Rewrite Jention Chronicles Book 1

Edit Jention Chronicles Book 1


Revamp my detailed outline Brainstorm Jention Chronicles Book 2
Outline Jention Chronicles Book 2
 Critiquing Goals Review comments from past years Make time to critique other’s work Make time to critique other’s work

3rd Quarter Writing Goals

Yeah… I already explained how that plan crashed and burned in August and September. Though I did write every day until I left for Germany in July and I feel good about that.

3rd Quarter Website Goals

In July and August I posted every week, which I’m very happy about. I replaced all of my movie review with book reviews because I hadn’t watched any movies since I last posted about Tomorrowland. This is rather a strange experience for me, I’m usually the type of person who inhales movies in the summer, but I’ve been pretty busy doing other stuff.

I continued and concluded my outlining process series, which got me a few new followers, but I’m thinking I need to put more thought into how I go about my “Writing Life” blog posts to make them more readable and helpful.

I posted some actual work, both a short story and a character sketch. No real hits, which is disappointing, but what can you do. Timing is everything right?

But after my last two book reviews at the beginning of September I just didn’t make the time to even write a quick book review even though I did finish a couple new books in August and September.

3rd Quarter Story Goals

Yeah… I didn’t make time to journal or write book reviews. Though I did start revamping my story outline in July…

footer-camp-NaNoWriMoDuring CampNaNoWriMo I pretty much made sure that I wrote the bulk of my blog posts and I actually started a new story about a character within the world that Xanthe lives in. This particular character currently makes a cameo in Xanthe’s story and I wanted to write a short story to tie this character’s mission into the grand scheme of the story. I didn’t finish it, but it propelled me into some interesting questions that I’ll need to spend time outlining.

WriterAlina Writing Plan

Part 3: 4th Quarter Intentions

4th Quarter Writing Goals

Write every day! Even if it’s only for 30 minutes, I need to get into the habit of writing every day again. As I said before I’ll use the shorter times for blog posts and maybe use it for additional world building and character development.

4th Quarter Website Goals

The main goal is to post once a week without fail, even if it’s a filler post about my life. If I’m going to be a published writer I have to get used to being in the spot light right?

  • October 7: WriterAlina post: That’s the post you’re reading right now
  • October 14: Movie Review: I’m forcing my husband to go see The Martian this weekend so look forward to my review of the movie.
  • October 21: Freelance: Whatever comes to mind
  • October 28: Freelance
  • November 4: Book Review
  • November 11: Movie Review
  • November 18: Writing Life
  • November 25: Freelance
  • December 1: Book Review
  • December 8: Movie Review
  • December 15: Writing Life
  • December 23: Freelance
  • December 29: WriterAlina post: 4th Quarter Results & New Year’s Resolutions

4th Quarter Story & Critiquing Goals


  • Revamp my detailed outline for my story
  • Identify what needs to be rewritten, chucked, and added to the story.
  • Review and incorporate comments I’ve gotten from critique partners of years past.
  • Work on the outline for my 2nd story that I started during Camp NaNoWriMo July. There will be some combined plot points between the two stories so this may help me finish the first one more dramatically.
  • Join NowNovel and see what this writing community is all about.


  • Participate in NaNoWriMo November:
    • Here I will work on the 2nd story that’s been floating around in my heal.
    • Perhaps I’ll write a short story about a third character and share her story on the blog at the end of the month.


  • Write all the scenes of the story that are missing from Jention Chronicles book 1
  • Edit Jention Chronicles book 1 as a whole


Life is always challenging and one must be flexible when challenges present themselves. The main thing is to persevere and to wonder back toward your goal.

Wish me luck. ?

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