Happy Blogiversary 2016 WA

Happy 1 Year Blogversary WriterAlina.com

April 1, 2016 marks the 1 Year Blogversary of WriterAlina.com. Whoo Hoo!

I want to thank all of my followers for your encouragement. It’s been a fun and complicated year. You’ve kept me honest and unwittingly nudged me to complete my weekly blog posts. If you guys weren’t out there secretly hoping to read my posts, they would not have gotten written. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Blog Post Stats

Since my website’s gone live I’ve posted a total of 53 posts, which is not a bad post count considering I missed 4 out of the 52 weeks out of the year, I did made 2 posts in one week a few times as well to make up for the missing weeks.

Here is a general breakdown of the types of posts I’ve made over the past year:

  • 23 book reviews
  • 6 movie reviews
  • 10 Writing Tips posts
  • 1 short story
  • 2 posts related to the novel I’m currently working on
  • 11 posts about other content such as writing goals, holidays, science, and other random stuff

A grand total of 53 blog posts.


My following is still a bit low, but I’m still learning about this whole SEO thing and trying to properly advertise my content over multiple platforms, but slowly slowly I’m getting there.

My Scattered Past and The Foreseeable Future

So why is my 1 Year Blogversary a big deal for me?

Scattered Past

To be honest with you all, WriterAlina.com is not my first blog on the internet. I’ve been blogging sporadically since September of 2007 on both blogger and the free version of wordpress platforms. Both platforms have their merits, but in the end wordpress worked out better for my overall website. I started out with my free blogger site writeralina.blogspot.com in September 2007, writing about my personal adventures, expressing my dreams, and sharing my thoughts about my stories or writing life until January 2011. This is when I changed platforms, and figured that I would start blogging my thoughts about books I’d read or movies I’d seen at writeralina.wordpress.com. But I was never really consistent about blogging and it kind of petered out in February 2013. I didn’t really take myself seriously as a blogger, I didn’t really think that I had anything important to share with the world.

But in January of 2015 I changed my mind. I do have something to share with the world. I have a lot to say about writing, reading, and storytelling. I may not have my process streamlined yet, but the potential for WriterAlina.com to be an amazing site for writers to come to for writing advice or for readers to come to for reading suggestions.

Foreseeable Future

This coming year my goal is to up my number of writing tip posts. Ideally I’d like to start posting twice a week where one day will be writing tips and the other will be book reviews with the occasional random post about life or science. I spend a long time thinking about my writing tips posts, which is the main reason I’m so inconsistent about posting them. It’s not the best excuse and I shouldn’t be making them at all, but there it is.

I also hope to be able to share more stories with you, but this will take some time and may not happen until the fall of this year or maybe even next year, but it’s on the horizon.

Thank You Followers!

Thank you again, my amazing followers, for your undying support!

To help me celebrate my 1 Year Blogversary I’d like to extend the offer to share my follower’s websites with my various readers as a thank you for reading and supporting my blog. Please leave your name and website in the comments below and next Monday I’ll post everyone’s websites together so you can all get a bit of free promotion. Total win win situation right? I think so. 😉

What Else to Look Forward To

Next Monday I think I’ll also send out a questioner to ask you guys, my loyal readers, what types of posts you would be more interested to see here on WriterAlina.com in the coming months. I have a few ideas, but I’d like your input before I implement my new website plan. So stay tuned for that.

Bonus! 2 posts in 1!

April 2016 Affirmation of the Month

One concept that I’ve been reminding myself of a lot lately is that “I am creative.” Which is true. I come up with all kinds of interesting ideas for solving problems at home, writing, playing with children, and general ways of thinking. But I often feel stuck or hold myself back from expressing that seed of creativity that I know is inside of me.

So the affirmation for April 2016 is the reminder that “I am creative and I’m willing to express my creativity!”

April 2016 Affirmation

It’s such an important thing to remind yourself that it’s all right to express the creativity that’s inside of you. And it doesn’t matter in what form that creativity takes as long as you express it. You can truly express your creativity through an infinite amount of ways. You just need to find the way that works for you.

Feel the love and express your creativity.

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