As part of WriterAlina’s Awakening Your Creative Spirit Series, today we’ll discuss how to rejuvenate your creativity by exploring alternate forms of expression. Here are 10 activities that WriterAlina suggests to help awaken your creative spirit. Part of the Awakening Your Creative Spirit Series.

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Awakening Your Creative Spirit Series

Rejuvenate Your Creativity By Exploring Alternate Forms of Expression

Getting motivated to pursue your art can be frustrating and often people (including myself) feel guilty when I don’t do something that directly affects my writing goals. I often get down on myself for doing other things. But the thing that I often forget is to let go of that guilt and accept that these other activities can actually help me in my art, whether that is clearing my mind, taking care of myself, or spending time with my friends and family.

1. Get inspired by someone else’s story

This is primarily a writer’s tip, but this could also be applied to other forms art as well, because remember that all forms of art tell stories. Read a book, watch a movie, see a play. Immersing yourself in someone else’s story can be quite inspiring and motivate you to tell your own. Don’t copy the other’s story but use it as a jumping off point to express your own uniqueness. No one can tell a story quite like you, remember that. Go to an art museum and experience the stories that painters, sculptors, architects, and photographers have to offer. Go to a concert and experience the stories that musicians have to offer. You never know what could spark that special piece of inspiration.

2. Do something artsy yourself

Avoid whatever your main form of creative expression for a while and do something else. Perhaps your can paint, sing, play an instrument, dance, shoot some photos, take some videos, write a short story, make collages, or color a mandala instead of whatever your normal art is. You’d be surprised to realize how your brain will shift when you use different parts of it, even if it’s just a little bit off the usual track.

3. Learn something new

Sometimes it’s helpful to have another topic to focus on when you’re not doing your art to give you time to clear your mind of your art and rejuvenate your creativity. Perhaps learning something new cam be a means of doing your research for your new story. Or sometimes you just need a break and need something completely foreign to think about while not focusing on your art. When you step away from your art, it’s good to grow in another aspect of your life; you never know when you could use your new skills.

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4. Take a walk in nature

This is one of my favorite ways of awakening my creativity. I think there’s nothing better for recharging your creative battery than taking a walk in nature. Feel that sand between your toes as you stroll along a sunset beach. Enjoy the smell of a pine forest with birds chirping in the treetops. Feel the crisp clean, though sometimes oxygen deprived, air on top of a fourteener (I haven’t done one of those hikes in years, but they are so exhilarating). Allow Mother Nature to help you rejuvenate your creativity. Take it in. Make it your own.

5. Exercise

Going along with “walk in nature,” all forms of exercise are useful to rejuvenate your creativity. Man those endorphins can certainly help you destress and take your mind off of life for a while and help burn off anxiety. Exercising can be a good way to clear your head too and potentially allow you to glean new insights into whatever you’re reaching out for.

6. Do something with your hands

Pick up another hobby or job like gardening, cooking, sewing, or knitting. These are all legitimate forms of art that are a little more active and physical that sitting in front of a computer. Or do something useful like organize your bookshelves or clean the garage. Hmm… that’s actually starting to sound like procrastination, but hey if you’re going to procrastinate from your art you might as well do something useful while you’re at it right?

7. Converse with someone

Sometimes having a conversation with another person can help relieve your worries or solve some problem you’ve been working on regarding your art. Have a heart-to-heart. Talk about nothing special. Enjoy who you are with. Sometimes just “being” with someone else and not speaking says volumes.

8. Play with a child or a pet

Children and pets are an amazing resource for rejuvenating your creative spark. Pets are just fun and lovable, leaving you generally feeling euphoric and happy. Children are generally the epitome of creative thinkers. Children always have unique ideas and are enthusiastic about them. Unless their creativity has been squashed by the adults around them a child’s imagination is unbounded and inspiring. That enthusiasm is infections and can help you to rejuvenate your creativity.

Rejuvenate Your Creativity 19. Meditate

Put your art aside, go sit comfortably in a chair or on your meditation cousin or your yoga mat and meditate. Meditating is a fantastic way to rejuvenate your creativity. Meditation helps to quiet your mind and brings you closer to the source of all creativity. Meditation provides you with a plug into infinite possibility that you can use to pluck out your new idea or solution to your artistic struggles or simply give you a chance to relax.

10. Do nothing at all

Take a break. Relax. Drink and enjoy that perfect cup of tea or coffee. Lick at an ice-cream cone and try not to drip all over your hands. Kick pack on the back porch and look up at the stars. Have a picnic in the park and people watch. Sit quietly on the living room sofa and watch the rain drip over the patio awning. Allow yourself to do nothing but daydream and mind-wonder. And don’t criticize yourself for doing nothing, accept it, allow it, take it in, and be happy.

Bonus: Enjoy Your Life!

Life is good. Always remember that. Be proud of the fact that you are an artist. Remember your dreams and be grateful for your moments of success, even if they feel like they are few and far between. Keep something in your artist’s space that will remind you that “life is good” and that your life is worth living. Sometimes you just need that little piece of self encouragement to rejuvenate your creativity.

Don’t feel guilty

A lot of artists feel guilty when they spend their free time doing things that aren’t related to their art. I know I fall into that trap often, but you know what? It’s not worth the energy. Don’t feel guilty. It’s good for you to expand your repertoire of experiences, it’s important for your health. Don’t forget to eat, exercise, sleep, and be merry. You could find your alternate activities to be quite liberating. Don’t worry, it’ll work out. For sure one of these alternate art activities will help you to rejuvenate your creativity and spirit. I promise.

What are your thoughts?

What kinds of things do you do that aren’t related to your art to rejuvenate your creativity? I’ve done all and move of the suggestions above. I hope that this helps you and I’d love to hear any other suggestions that I may have missed. Leave a comment below. Let’s talk. 😉

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