The affirmation of the month for May 2016 is very important for me as a writer and as a person.

One of my biggest life challenges is taking care of myself. I am innately such a giving person that I often forget that if I don’t take care of myself then there will be no one left to help take care of others. So the affirmation of May 2016 is one that I remind myself of every day.

May 2016 Affirmation

May 2016 Affirmation of the Month

It’s important for me to continually remind myself to take care of myself so that I can care for others. If I don’t eat the right foods then I’ll get sick and that will cripple me from taking care of my family. If I don’t exercise then I wont have the energy that I need to live a long and fulfilling life. If I don’t sleep then I wont be able to function in order to do my work or again take care of my family. And if I don’t demand time to do my writing, then none of my stories or writing advice or book critiques will reach anyone with their potential to create positive change in the world.

My creative life is very important to me, it’s part of what keeps me in mental stability. I recently took an online “left brain or right brain test” and it reaffirmed what I’ve pretty much known all my life, that I’m one of those rare beings that’s split right through the center. I’m someone know effectively uses both sides of her brain equally and feels off balance when forced to use one side more often than the other.

Much of the time I sacrifice my writing time to do things to take care of others, sometimes that also includes myself — I mean come on a woman’s gota eat right? As much as I love food, sometimes I wish I didn’t have to so I wouldn’t have to walk away from whatever it is that I’m writing or reading. But such is life.

The point is that I need to find that balance between taking care of my physical body, taking care of my emotional/mental body, and taking care of the people and creatures that I love. Because ultimately if I don’t take care of myself so that I can care for others there won’t be anyone left to give care.

I still haven’t quite figured out my balance yet. I steal my moments here and there for my writing and I am at least writing every day now, even if it’s only for 10 minute, which is helping my disposition significantly.

How do you balance your life?

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