The June 2016 affirmation of the month is an important, mind changing affirmation for me. It may seem pretty obvious to everyone else, but this is something that I’ve been struggling with for years now. It’s not that I don’t take my writing seriously, but I find that I don’t take it seriously enough — at least not seriously enough for everyone else around me to also take it seriously. So as a result, I need to empower myself to treat my writing as a small business. If I don’t treat my writing as a business no one will.

June 2016 Affirmation

June 2016 Affirmation

I admit that I probably could have broken down the June 2016 affirmation into something a little more bite sized, but in the end, I really needed an affirmation that would pack a big punch. Simply stating that “I am willing to treat my writing as a business.” wasn’t enough, I needed to at least vaguely define what that meant too. Remember these affirmations are all about rewiring my subconscious mind and empower myself to become more than I was before.

If I start treating my writing as a business this means that I am acknowledging that I want to make money through my writing and that also means that I need to create intellectual property in order to do that. (Hmm… I wrote a lot of thats in this sentence. LOL. Anyway, you get the point…) Then I have to make sure I promote that intellectual property. If no one ever finds out I’ve created or published something how will I ever 1) give anyone the opportunity to read what I have to offer, 2) generate any positive change in the world, or 3) well hello, make a living? And last but not least, how will I do any of these things if I don’t invest time everyday to the endeavor?

Intellectual Property

What is intellectual property?

Well, I define intellectual property as pretty much anything that I write for publication whether that be physical paper or electronic: novels, novellas, short stories, unique blog posts (like this one), or any kind of article that relates to writing or my stories. For sure my intellectual property could expand to more than just that like science commentary, education commentary, or even life commentary, but for now I’m sticking to writing and storytelling.

Self Promotion

Self promotion is probably the most difficult aspect of embracing my writing business. If only all I had to do was put my work “out there” and not have to worry about self promotion I’d be happy. But that’s not the way life or business works. Ever. I still have to come up with a workable plan for how to do this. I of course have my FB page and twitter and pintrest, but social networks really only go so far. Self promotion also includes touting my work to my friends and family (which you’d think I’d do anyway, but I’m very guarded and don’t always do this).

You will most likely see more affirmations specifically designed to encourage me that it’s all right to self promote.

Investing Time

Again, you’d think that investing time is totally obvious and to a certain extent it is.

I journal every day for 10 minutes, as I’ve explained in Awakening Your Creative Spirit: Journaling Stream of Consciousness. But I’ve come to realize in the last two months that even though journaling helps jump start my creativity it doesn’t help me add to my intellectual property and that is what I need to cultivate.

Starting in June 2016 I am committing to spending a minimum of 1 hour every day writing intellectual property. Even though this blog post is a minor drop in the pond, this counts toward that goal. The idea is that If I commit that 1 hour a day I can generate momentum that will propel me through writing my stories and eventually publishing them so that you, my amazing readers, can enjoy the thought provoking fiction that I have to offer.

Treat Your Writing Like a Business

I hope this post encourages you to treat your writing like a business if you don’t already. Are there any encouraging activities that you do or ways of thinking that you have that help you achieve your writing goals? I’d like to read about that. 🙂 Looking forward to hearing from you.

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