The Fantastic Five Dialog Tag is a catchy blog tag! Most blog tags are silly, but I enjoy the ones that have to do with writing.

Recently I’ve been brainstorming ways to share more of my creative writing with everyone and then the talented Hannah Heath tagged me with the Fantastic Five Dialog Tag. How Exciting is that? Thanks Hannah! You always share the most fun blog tags. You rock!

On a whim, the Fantastic Five Dialog Tag was created by another talented writer/blogger Nate Philbrick from You Write Fiction. He tagged Hannah and Hannah tagged me. Yay!

When you get a chance you should pop over to Hannah and Nate’s blogs. They both write about writing, have funny anecdotes, post the occasional book review, and post fun, writing related tags such as this one.

So here are the rules of the Fantastic Five Dialog Tag:

  1. Share five of your favorite out-of-context dialogue quotes from your work-in-progress
  2. Tag some friends (five seems to be the magic number) to share some of theirs

Simple right?

I think this is going to be fun. I hope you do too. 😉

Fantastic Five Dialog Tag

So here are five of my favorite out-of-context lines from my WIP Identity (A Jention Chronicles Novel), which is a YA Science Fiction novel about two girls who take very different approaches to dealing with having their bodies technologically altered.


Fantastic Five Dialog Tag Quotes

“This is the only way I can handle children. The only good child is an unconscious one.”

“What if something happens to me? What if I malfunction? I can’t fix myself. Who’s going to help me?”

“We saved them from being traitors like their parents. You may want to wipe their memories before waking them. You’ll be doing them all a favor. At least now they can be more constructive members of Kinarran society.”

“Hey! What about me? I’m not just a figment of your imagination. You’re surviving for two people now. Not just one. Don’t wimp out on me.”

“You are different. Your skin. Your hair. Your limbs. Your eyes. Your senses. Everything about you. A few of your organs were reconstituted using your DNA. Your brain is original… But it’s been technologically modified so I’m not sure if that actually counts as original or not. Your spirit though… Honestly, I think your spirit is the only part of who you were before that’s still here.”

Bonus quote and currently the last line of the novel:

“My name is Xanthe Maya Paine.”

I’m in the midst of my second revision of Identity; so I hope I don’t have to wipe out any of these fun quotes. But you never know what has to be cut until everything is written and put together properly. I hope you’re excited to know more about Identity.

Passing on the Fantastic Five Dialog Tag

Now to pass of the tag to some other amazing wordsmiths. All five of these wonderful ladies are worth reading regularly; they all have insightful, fun, and creative blogs. You should check them out.

Rae Elliott of Barely Hare Books

Sara Letourneau

E. E. Rawls

Gabrielle Massman of Write For The King

Miranda Kulig of Dreams and Dandelions

Note: your participation is totally voluntary. So no worries if you don’t want to participate.

Also, if you are not tagged and want to join the Fantastic Five Dialog Tag excitement, go for it! Just let me know in the comments if you participate so that I can check out your five dialogue quotes or if you don’t have a blog and want to share your Fantastic Five Dialog quotes feel free to do so in the comments as well.

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