July 2016 Affirmation

The July 2016 affirmation of the month is a profound affirmation for me: “All of my actions, no matter how minor, result in spiritual growth.” It sounds kind of grand and overwhelming, but ultimately it really isn’t. This affirmation inspires me to shift my thinking and to be more aware of the things that I do and don’t do. It helps me to remember that every moment of my life is an opportunity to learn something and/or grow in unexpected ways. Whether I have good or bad experiences there is a seed of spiritual growth attached to that experience. Each moment that passes is a golden opportunity.

July 2016 Affirmation

I realize this probably sounds a bit “woowoo-ish,” magical, whimsical, too abstract, or just plain out there, but to my philosophical mind, it’s not too big of a stretch to think that every moment, every action, or every decision I make is part of a grand matrix that has brought me to the place I am at this very moment.

And guess what? The choice you make right now (for example whether or not to finish reading this blog post) gives you the opportunity to move forward or backward in your contentment within yourself, in your life’s ambitions, or in your personal or spiritual growth. It’s interesting to think about isn’t it?

Some of the actions we take in our lives may make obvious, profound effects on us. Going to university, getting married, becoming an artist, or becoming a businessman are all examples of potentially profound life actions that push your personal growth in one direction or another. Some of our decisions may not appear to make such a long-term or impactful influence on your life. Do I brush my teeth in the morning or not? Do I wake up at 7 am or 8 am? Do I take these five minutes to brainstorm this blog post or do I play a game on my phone? But each and every one of these actions propels us and influences future actions and reactions. We all take steps forward and steps backward along life’s crooked path, but I find it scary and encouraging at the same time to reflect on the fact that all of my actions contribute to my path to self-discovery.

One of my life goals is to live an authentic life, one in which I allow my true self to shine and also to encourage those around me to do the same. Sometimes I stumble. Sometimes I’m the lighthouse in the rainy storm illuminating the rocky shore.

Ultimately, it’s important to notice what I do in my life. It’s not so important to simply understand why I do things, but just to notice what it is that I do. What are my actions? I can’t judge myself as good or bad. I only need to realize what my actions are and what the consequences of those actions are. Then I can make the decision whether to repeat the action again or not. Again, I may get caught in what I perceive as bad actions, but then I remind myself that this is all part of the lesson. I realize that I just need to keep walking and remember that “all of my actions, no matter how minor, result in my spiritual growth.”

What are your thoughts? Do you recognize your actions? Leave me a comment below and we can have a conversation about it. 😉

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