Hello, wonderful readers! It’s September 2017 and WriterAlina is back. Finally!

I realize that it’s been forever since I’ve last posted on my blog. This last year has challenged me in many ways personally and professionally. I’ve spent a lot of time focusing on writing stories and developing my craft as a storyteller. At first, I felt that I was spending too much time blogging and not enough time writing. Now, I’m focusing on integrating blogging and storytelling together and sharing my time between both. I hope that blogging will help excite my readers about by writing so that when I finally decide to publish, whether that be through e-books or simply free through this website, you guys will be out there to read and respond.

Now on to the theme of this blog post.

WriterAlina’s Affirmation of the Month

September 2017

My September 2017 affirmation is a concept that I’ve been working to integrate into my life for some time now. I make progress little by little every day, every month, every year; but it’s something I struggle with in all aspects of my life, not just my writing life. This month, I’m contemplating and setting my intention to free my creative spirit.

Being a perfectionist sucks!

When you think about creating the next amazing product — an inspiring piece of music, the most profound prose ever written, a marvelously crafted wooden dining-room table and chair set, the slimmest and most powerful tablet, the next high-tech space satellite — at first you think, “Being a perfectionist is great!” Everything will be exactly as it should be, you find all the flaws in your project and you are determined to fix them all. You think to yourself, “Eventually everything will align with the perfection within my mind.” But then, somewhere along the creation process, reality hits. There are too many flaws, way too much time has passed, perhaps you become jaded by your own ambition. But getting your product out into the world with a strong need for perfection is challenging.

Sometimes my story ideas are so large that I have a hard time grasping them to put onto paper. And when I finally do, I am often dissatisfied because this ethereal idea felt so much greater inside my head than it does after I’ve used my insufficient words to try to give it life. I struggle with great demons that whisper trash in my ear discouraging me from expressing my grand ideas; they often use my own thoughts, feelings, and critiques against me. They will point out all of my mistakes, chipping away at my confidence.

  • This character is too shallow.
  • This sentence is too complicated.
  • This idea hasn’t been fleshed out enough to concisely convey properly to my readers.

Concerns like this may technically be true, but when they pile up one after another they paralyze me into inaction.

The perfectionist inside of me sees my creative vision and that is what I want everyone else to see too. Of course, the logical side of my brain recognizes that perfection is impossible, but it’s difficult to persuade myself to simply put myself out there and share what I have, as incomplete as it may be, so that I can let it go, allow my experiences and ideas to grow from the experience. If I don’t get feedback from my readers then I can never truly grasp that perfect idea; I can never break through the veil of ideas that I can’t see. That feedback is what will help me grow to write the next novel, story, blog post or whatever.

There is a fine line between being too critical and not enough. I hold on so tightly to the idea that I must know everything about the story before I tell it, that sometimes I lose the magic of my own story. So I really do need to let go of perfection. I have to set myself free. I have to allow my story to life and be free. My stories must have a life of their own; lives that will live through me until they have the opportunity to live through you, my reader.

I must let go of story perfection to free my spirit and allow my story to live.

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