Who is WriterAlina?

I'm an Enginerd-Writer, Science Geek, and Writer of YA, Science Fiction, & Fantasy. Just a girl making her way in the world. Let your imagination flow…

Hi, I’m Alina. I’m an Enginerd-Writer, Science Geek, and World Traveler. I write science fiction, fantasy, and young adult stories, not exactly in that order. I’m currently unpublished but my goal is to have that remedied in the near future. Keeping my fingers crossed.

I set up WriterAlina.com for a few different reasons:

  • The main reason being to inspire me to write more and gradually overcome my fears of sharing my heart and work with the world
  • The second reason being that all the experts say, “it’s never to late to build your platform.” As far as I’m concerned all that really means is “put yourself out there in more ways than one.”
  • My hope is that in the development and maintenance of this website I will think of things and perhaps write about things that I may not be able to imagine at this very moment. You never know what future inspiration will bring.

Now, a little bit about me… I was born and raised in the beautiful state of Colorado, residing there until I met my husband and moved across the country to New Jersey — where we lived only a 15 minute drive outside of New York City.  New York is an inspiring place, but a little too overwhelming for an outdoors gal like me. I prefer smaller populated cities like Boulder where it’s only a 15 minute drive to the nearest hiking trail. But now my husband and I live outside the United States and only have to walk out our front door to go on a great hike.

In all honesty, my first passion in life is hiking. I love being outdoors. Nature is incredibly healing and spending time in it is my favorite way to de-stress. Creating my stories is my second passion. I hope that you will see some of that within the pages of my books and within the text of this website. Imagination has always been a key aspect in my life. As a child, my sister and I used our imaginations to create elaborate role-playing games. As a teen, I used my imagination to write some pretty laughable melodramas, which I only ever showed to a hand full of friends. In college, writing stories help me remain sane through my very concrete, regimented, and difficult engineering coursework. As an adult, I’ve slowly come to the realization that I might actually have something creative to share with the world from a more artistic perspective rather than a technical one.

I hope that you enjoy exploring WriterAlina.com and please let me know what you think is interesting and what you think is boring. It’s always interesting to meet new people.


~ Alina ~

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