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See books reviewed by WriterAlina. You’ll primarily find Chidlren’s, Middle Grade, Young Adult, Science Fiction, and Fantasy stories, but there is the occasional suspense, mystery, historical fiction, literary fiction, or even non-fiction.

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WriterAlina is an avid movie goer. You’ll see reviews spanning most movie genres especially Action/Adventure, Animation, Drama and Comedy. She watches both mainstream and obscure and follows Hollywood, Indy, and foreign films.

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This is where I post articles and links to real world science that I’ve either worked on personally or simply fond surfing the internet or watching the news. There is so much cool science going on these days.



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UnEnchanted Book Review

I have mixed feelings about UnEnchanted by Chanda Hahn. I started this novel expecting an interesting fairy tale retelling. The book certainly delivered that but in a way that I didn’t expect. I’m intrigued enough by the story that I’m interested to know what happens...

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