Science Rocks!

Explore some real world science,

Read my thoughts about some of that science,

And see some of the aerospace projects I’ve worked on myself.

There is so much exciting science and engineering out there!

Explore real world science…


These are links for Science Fiction turned Science Fact:

The Craziest SF Fantasies That Got Closer to Reality in 2014 by WIRED

Star Trek turned Reality



Here are some links to view robots being built today:

JPL Monkey Robot

Insect Drones

Humanoid Robots 1, Humanoid Robots 2, Humanoid Robots 3,

Robot Child

Robot Dog




Here are some videos and articles expressing what we still dream of:

Day Made of Glass

Here are some real world projects I’ve worked on myself. Enjoy! 😉


My Thoughts on Science

Tech Growing Smaller & Smarter

When I read articles, such as the two I'm featuring here from the BBC this week: Do quantum computers threaten global encryption systems? Brain-inspired chip fits 1m 'neurons' on postage stamp, my brain goes in all kinds of interesting directions. I think about my...

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Terraforming Mars?

On 1 August 2014 BBC News published an article about NASA's 2020 Mars Rover expected to land on Mars in 2021. The rover has many functions intended to continue the exploration of Mars's surface and subsurface,  search for life on the red planet, and take samples that...

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